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Prix Al-Sumait 2021 Appel aux candidatures

Prix Al-Sumait 2021 Appel aux candidatures

Documents   •   Jan 11, 2021 10:21 UTC

French language invitation for nominations to 2021 Al Sumait Prize for African Development, health category

Call for Nominations. AlSumait 2021. Health. (1).pdf

Call for nominations for 2021 Al Sumait Prize, health category.

The Positive Impact of winning the Innaugural Al-Sumait Prize for African Development an interview with Professor Kevin Marsh

Professor Marsh of Oxford University and the African Academy of Sciences was awarded the inaugural Al-Sumait Health Prize almost a year ago. This article follows up with Professor Marsh and asks what the impact of winning the prize has been to him and his work and the roll the Prize will play in the future of African development.